Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit
Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit
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The Lowel DV creator 44 kit is a very versatile and easy to use lighting kit. It comes with 4 lights, a 300W max soft box, a powerful 750W Tota light, a 500W Omni light and a small back light.

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If you're looking for a compact, easy to set up and powerful lighting kit, the Lowel DV creator 44 kit will do for you. It is a perfect lighting kit not only for interviews but for any project really. It comes with a collapsible soft box, a 500W Omni light that can be focused and has barn doors, a powerful 750W Tota light and a small 250W Pro-Light for backlight. This light kit comes with stands, extension cables and diffusion gels.