Sony NEX-FS700
Sony NEX-FS700
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The Sony NEX-FS700 is a Super 35mm CMOS sensor camera capable of recording up to 4K. It is a highly modular camera that can use virtually any lens with the right adapter, it is equipped with ND filters, HDMI and HD-SDI outputs and can shoot super slow motion up to 240fps in full HD.

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The Sony FS700 is a high quality super 35mm sensor camera that is the successor of the Sony FS100. Improving on its predecessor, the Sony FS700 is a solidly built camera that has a set of built in ND filters, has HD-SDI output as well as HDMI and can shoot amazing super slow motion video up to 960fps. Shooting in full HD, the maximum high speed capability is 240fps. Footage is recorded onto an SD card in AVCHD format. When recording with a separate recorder, the Sony FS700 can record 2K RAW and even 4K video with the upgrade. Furthermore, the Sony FS700 sports four hypergamma settings and an ISO range up to 30db which makes it highly performing in low light.